Mike Hanna’s roots run deep in our area. Mike’s family has lived here for generations. He was born and raised in Clinton County. Mike went to school here, graduating from Lock Haven High School and Lock Haven University. Mike and his wife Susan raised their two boys in Lock Haven.

Prior to being elected to the Legislature, Mike practiced law in Lock Haven. He was a community leader as President of both the Jaycees and the Lions Club. He's a member of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

When it comes to jobs, schools, roads, bridges - investments in our communities that we need to thrive, Mike fights to ensure that for every dollar we send to Harrisburg, we get back two dollars. For every dollar we send to Harrisburg, we get two dollars back. That’s effective.

Mike understands the challenges facing our communities, and has spent his life fighting for our area and values.

“Mike and I have been friends for many years and spent countless times hunting and fishing together. If there's one thing I know about Mike, it is how he is a strong advocate for the sportsmen of Pennsylvania.”- Tom Miller, Keystone Little League Coach

A lifelong sportsman who believes in the values of hunting and fishing, Mike Hanna has worked hard to preserve our lifestyle.

Mike knows our woods and streams and how important they are to all of us. He knows they are important to our local economy and our heritage.

Mike Hanna is an avid hunter and fisherman and Pennsylvania’s strongest voice for our gun rights.  He’s Pennsylvania’s biggest advocate for protecting our gamelands and rivers.


·      Is a member of the Unified Sportsmen of PA

·      Has a perfect record with the NRA.

·      Hosted 3 concealed carry seminars in Clinton and Centre Counties

·      Took the lead on addressing our deer management problem




“I always support a balanced budget and am looking for ways to cut waste.”  - Mike Hanna

In Harrisburg, Mike fights to keep our taxes low, while making sure our state budget is balanced. Representative Hanna has voted for a balanced budget every year he has been in office. He’s fought against increases in sales and income taxes that hurt our families.

Mike has worked hard to eliminate waste in state government, including perks for legislators. He’s stood up to the oil and gas companies and out-of state corporations that don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes. It’s about fairness.

Mike makes sure our government is fiscally responsible, in the last 5 years he worked to:

·      Fought for a balanced budget that keeps taxes low on our seniors.

·      Require additional documentation for per diem expenses

·      Limit the use of state cars

·      Require legislators and state employees to pay a portion of their health insurance.

·      Reduce the House whip's office staff by 50% and reduced legislative staff by over 200 employees.


Mike Hanna: A History of Fighting for Jobs

“As one of the developers of the Renovo Energy Center, I feel fortunate the project is in Mike Hanna’s district.  From day one Mike has exhibited the perfect balance between being a strong advocate for and protector of Clinton County… This is government encouraging new business while also serving the people.  Mike personifies the type of leader we need on both sides of the aisle.  I am pleased to personally endorse Mike for reelection.”- Thomas Emero, Consultant for Renovo Energy LLC

When Mike Hanna was first elected, First Quality had 40 employees. Today, they are one of America’s best manufacturing companies with over 1,700 jobs in Clinton County.

Mike has been there every step of the way making sure that government regulations do not get in the way of First Quality’s progress and helping them create more jobs.

As our representative:

·      Mike worked hard to bring new businesses and jobs to S.C.I. Rockview and Benner Industrial Park in Centre County.

·      Mike Hanna got the funding to keep the Bucktail Medical Center OPEN, bringing jobs and medical care to the people of the Renovo area.

·      Mike Hanna has always fought to make our local economy strong and for jobs that support our families.


Mike Hanna: A lifetime commitment to public education.

“As a teacher in Lock Haven, I know Mike Hanna stands with our schools.” – Ashley Rippey, Central Mountain High School Teacher

- Mike, his wife Susan, and their boys are all graduates of central Pennsylvania public schools.

- Mike fights hard for our schools. The result: our public schools get a greater share of state money than other schools in the state.

- Mike’s philosophy is clear. Kids in rural areas deserve the same opportunities as kids in wealthier districts.

Mike Hanna is recognized as a statewide leader in funding for our state universities. As our representative Mike:

·      Worked to protect our schools, voting against a billion dollar cut to basic education

·      Led the effort to keep tuition low by opposing the 20% cut to high education under the previous administration

·      Has been recognized as one of the strongest advocates for Lock Haven University and Penn State.

Mike Hanna has a perfect record for our seniors.

" Mike Hanna is a fine man and a fine representative. Mike supports seniors like me and works to make sure we have access to the resources we need." - Eleanor Kodish

Mike’s from here. He knows that we have an aging population and they need our support.
That’s why he supports a state budget that provides services to seniors like home health care that helps seniors stay in their homes.

In the last year alone, Mike has helped secure over $200,000 to help develop subsidized senior housing in the 76th district.

Mike fights for lower property taxes for seniors.

When anybody has a problem with the government, Mike Hanna’s office is here to help. His office is recognized as one of the best constituent services offices in the state.

Mike is always there to help our seniors, leading the effort for the construction of the $5.5 million Clinton County Community Center, including the Senior Center in the old K-Mart Plaza. The new building features:

·      A state-of-the-art activity center

·      A modern exercise area for seniors

·      An indoor walking facility, new and expanded crafts and activities for seniors


Mike Hanna works hard for our community.

“I'm supporting Mike because he is fighting for Central Pennsylvania.  Mike helps secure resources for residents in his district that make a difference in people's lives. We can't afford to lose a true champion for hard working people.  Join me in supporting Mike Hanna.”- Centre County Commissioner Mike Pipe


Whether it is attracting new employers and growing local businesses, supporting our schools, or fighting for our seniors, Mike Hanna gets results for us.

Mike has been a leader in helping to grow local business like First Quality, and keep vital investments in our local colleges and universities. When it comes to jobs, schools, roads, bridges - investments our communities need to thrive, Mike fights to ensure that for every dollar we send to Harrisburg, we get back two dollars.

In the past year, Mike:

·      Helped keep the Lock Haven state liquor store open, and fought for vital investments in our downtowns. Mike also helped to reopen the Renovo state liquor store.

·      Led the fight to keep Bucktail Medical Center open, helping secure funds hospital Administrator and CEO, Tim Reeves, says “were essential for the medical center to continue moving forward…” That’s why he says, “Mike Hanna understands the importance of the medical center to western Clinton County and his efforts were instrumental to our continued progress.”

·      Fought to make sure that people suffering from debilitating seizures have access to medical marijuana.

·      Led the effort to have our roads and bridges named after and honor our veterans.

Mike Hanna works hard for our part of Pennsylvania. He’s making a difference for us and our community.


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