Government Reforms:

Banning lobbyist gifts to legislators. Mike will be a leader to reform Harrisburg and stop special interests’ influence.

Banning gifts from lobbyists. Mike won’t accept gifts or dinners from lobbyists. In his previous job in the executive branch of government he lived under a gift ban. He thinks legislators should do the same and not accept dinners and trips in Harrisburg from special interests.

No Budget, No Paycheck. Mike will not accept a paycheck until the budget is passed each year.  He believes the whole legislature should be held to this standards.  If a budget isn't passed within three months of the June 30th deadline, I support a bill to replace the leadership on both sides of the aisle.


Protecting and growing family sustaining jobs are a priority.  Mike will work with First Quality to ensure that government doesn’t get in the way of their current expansion of 184 new jobs.

Mike will work with Bechtel Development Corp to help bring the Renovo natural gas power plant to reality.  The $800 million investment will bring hundreds of construction jobs and as many as 30 permanent jobs.

Mike will protect the jobs at SCI Benner and SCI Rockview. The state closed one prison in 2017 and we need to continue to protect these jobs in our area.

Protecting and Investing in our Community:

As a lifelong resident of Central PA and member of Holy Spirit Parish, Mike will protect our family values and individual rights.

Mike will continue to fight for our area’s fair share of state funds. 

Mike will help to protect the money that Lock Haven University (LHU) received this past year for the construction of its Wrestling Center.  This center will help not only grow the LHU Wrestling Program but wrestling throughout the area. It will also benefit other university sports and club teams that utilize the facility.

Public Education:

Mike will fight to properly fund K-12 education. In his previous job, he helped to pass more education funding and improve the way state dollars are distributed to schools to protect quality education.

Career and Technical Education needs to be a focus in every school district.  Making sure we have a strong workforce to fill the jobs of tomorrow like at Central Pennsylvania Institute in Centre County.

Lock Haven University needs to continue to receive their state appropriation so we can keep college tuition affordable.  We are already seeing some politicians in Harrisburg walk away from public higher education.  Mike will fight for every dollar for Lock Haven University and Penn State University.


While working in Harrisburg, Mike worked to protect the Lottery Fund, which supports senior programs like the property tax rent rebate program.

Mike helped stabilize the lottery funded with passage of internet lottery (iLottery).

Mike will always fight for our seniors and will protect our low cost prescription drug programs PACE and PACENET.

Opioid Crisis:

Mike will work with our local law enforcement officers and first responders to make sure they have the resources needed to combat the heroin and opioid crisis.

Mike supports strengthening the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program so that doctors can identify if patients have recently received prescribed opioids from another doctor.

Hunting and Fishing:

Mike is an avid outdoorsman.  He understands our hunting and fishing values and will always protect are way of life.

Mike will continue the deer management fight in our area.  Pushing the Game Commission to adopt deer management practices that make sense.

Mike is a member of the Western Clinton County Sportsman. 

Mike is a member of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania.