As election day draws nearer, our opponent has decided to launch  negative and false attacks. Below is the truth about Mike's record:

Attack: Mike used tax dollars to fund abortion clinics.

The Truth: Mike has consistently voted against funding for abortion clinics and supported an amendment to this bill banning state dollars from being spent on abortion call the Birmelin Amendment A 1568, which passed on a bipartisan vote.

Attack: Co-sponsored “Bathroom Bill” legislation to make gender specific bathrooms, locker rooms and showers illegal

The Truth: When it was first introduced the bill was about anti-discrimination, for example preventing employers from firing employees for their sexual orientation or protecting LGBTQA tenants from being evicted if a landlord found out their orientation. As the bill evolved and became a “bathroom bill,” Mike took his name off of it.

Spearheaded historic $3.8 Billion tax increase

The Truth: SB 1073 was the enacted budget for this year, meaning it was needed to fund state programs such as schools, seniors services and road maintenance. Mike supported this bipartisan bill, which passed with the support or Republican Representatives Benninghoff, Turzai and Republican Senators Scarnati and Corman.

Attack: Pushed for massive wage tax cuts for wealthy Philadelphia commuters

The Truth: The purpose of this bill was to provide the same tax relief the rest of the state received when property taxes were lowered, as Philadelphia area residents pay wage taxes instead of property taxes.

Attack: Mike voted against legislation that penalizes employers who hire illegal immigrants instead of giving jobs to American citizens.

The Truth: Mike voted against this bill at the urging of farmers and businesses who said this legislation would put an unfair and unenforceable burden upon them. Instead, Rep. Hanna voted for eVerification, which is strongest tool for stopping undocumented immigrants.


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